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"Faith comes by hearing" and hearing comes by the Word of God.

FM radio is the technology of choice in the very poor areas of the Developing World. It is affordable to the people who can afford inexpensive FM receivers but who cannot afford television or internet access.

The vision is to have Christian FM radio stations in all the major cities of the island of Madagascar. We also plan to put some FM radio stations in South Africa, Swaziland, Congo and Namibia.

We have already installed our first Christian FM radio station in Antananarivo, Madagascar in the beginning of 2008. This station reaches potentially almost 1.5 million people. After that we installed 6 more FM transmitters on the island

Please pray with us that the Lord will enable us to bring this vision to fulfillment.

What makes our Christian radio stations special or different:

• We are only working in areas where there is real need and potential for people to be converted and discipled.
• Our stations are Great Commission focussed and motivated.
• We are always partnering with a local church. We supply all the hardware to make the station possible. The local church drive the local vision and take care of the day to day needs of the station. Their proud ownership ensures longevity and care. It also ensures that the locals do not put their reliance on outsiders but on God to help them to take care of the costs of the station. Local ownership brings forth local responsibility.
• We only use Spirit filled Charismatic/Pentecostal churches which are true to the Word of God.
• The stations are exclusively used for reaching the lost. Our first station also took care of local cultural needs, but we moved from that to a “Gospel Only” model.
• We do not use Short Wave transmitters like some of the other organizations. We know it is inexpensive, but only a hand full of people are still in possession of short wave radios. The masses among the poor have FM radios.
• We are not using the internet for radio transmissions. The poor in Madagascar and Africa do not have internet access yet and it will take some time before they get there.
• We believe that the radio is a major way of advertising and inviting people to the local church. It enhances church growth. It keeps the local church connected and is a major method of sharing Biblical teaching
• Our stations are not commercial and the local church keeps it going as an outreach to the community. It is perpetuated by local faith, effort and teamwork.

We urgently need financial support and prayer to purchase the equipment for these tasks. Please consider sowing into this very good and fruitful soil.

On Picture:
1) Johann Schonken, Pastor Jules and some of the broadcasting team in radio studios in Antananarivo at the opening of our first station.


Some information concerning the radio stations:
• Licensing for radios is often costly and time consuming
• Typical cost for a radio station in America is about 1.5 million dollars
• Overseas the costs vary from $15,000 to $50,000
• Good News Radio already has licensed several radio stations at a cost of $5 to $10 thousand dollars
• The potential to reach souls increases exponentially as the Gospel is broadcast to large (25 to 30 kilometer radius) areas where the only media the poor have is inexpensive FM radios
• Equipment ( 300 watt transmitter, dipole antenna, power source, etc. ) can be purchased for about $5,000
• Licensing is now available in Swaziland and Madagascar
• Crusades, conferences and church plants are already being promoted by the stations in place and are showing great promise

The importance of licensing cannot be over stressed. Once a license has be established and broadcasting has begun, the value of the license greatly increases. In addition, the success of the station clears the way for new licenses and station in the target country.

Our new focus is to build locally owned and operated stations in the target areas.

Our plans are as follows:
• Identify locals who have the vision and the means to obtain a license
• Once the license has been purchased, the owner will be required to submit plans for site location and facilities.
• Upon approval, the owner would be put in touch with the production and maintenance contact for the necessary equipment
• A contract stating the station will be used exclusively as an Evangelical Christian outlet and will not be used for political, commercial or other religious use
• Once these steps have been fulfilled, equipment would be purchased and installed and the original cost of the license may be refunded to the owner
• Liaison would be set up with Good News to monitor and develop the site
• The importance of local ownership, equipment supply and repair and on-going training cannot be stressed enough. Local ownership promotes care of the facility and vision for the Gospel that is targeted specifically to the local culture.