orange-flame-hi PowerMissions Gospel Tents Projects


We have 12 gospel tent projects that operate in Southern Africa.

We also have 4 gospel tents in the country of Madagascar.

The focus is the unreached in communities. Although these are brand new projects, we are already experiencing incredible success. Thousands have already came to the Lord. This really makes us excited and motivates us for more.

We are planning to buy eight more tents and mobilize them in the country of Mozambique and Angola in 2016.

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If you want to partner with us just let us know. Each tent project costs $5000-00. That includes manufacturing, poles, lines, pegs and delivering.

We estimate that one tent brings in at least 500 to 1000 new converts per month. That makes it about the best "bang for the buck" investment in souls that one can get. Remember it is consistent and there is a life expectancy of five years on each tent.

We follow strict missiological principles by partnering with the local church leaders
They initiate and maintain the projects. They do it in their own languages and they do it in a way that is cultural relevant in the specific environments.
That ensures a job satisfaction and motivation for the local leaders to do more and to do better for the winning of souls.

We expect these tent projects to grow very quickly and very large.